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April 2013

The Metro SVT – Chapter 4: Ford used Lucas Wiring?


We are three weeks out from our debut at Carolina Motorsports Park in the 24 Hours of Lemons: Southern Discomfort. We’ve got a car that’s 15 shades of red, blue, yellow, and green. The engine in the car is straight out of a junkyard and completely untested. The suspension is a cobbled together mess of [...]

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The Metro SVT – Chapter 3: Shoehorn Edition


The previous chapter ended on a note of desperation. A junk engine, an excess of RTV silicone, and a pile of useless aluminum was all we had to show for our efforts on the donor engine at the KL#2 shop (Aaron’s house). Meanwhile, at KL#1 (Gary’s House) plenty of other destruction was taking place, except [...]

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October 2012

The Metro SVT – Chapter 2: The Donor (and IKEA!)


As you read in Chapter 1, we found our race car. She was a beauty. She was ready to soar through the kink at CMP at track record speeds…well, not really… it doesn’t actually do anything a car should do (such as propel itself and stop). We started making a list of problems to fix, [...]

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August 2012

The Metro SVT – Chapter 1


Chapter 1: The GEO. We've had our taste of Lemons racing, and it tastes good. Racing with The Squirting Coronas is a blast (as all things with lemons are) and we learned a ton about what makes a great team, and how to have fun. The Mercedes we drive is great, really great...too great for [...]

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